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Systems Engineer Technician

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Making sure the Army's communications systems are in place and working properly is up to the Systems Engineer Technician. They all specialise in radio or digital systems equipment during their training, but the massive growth in different forms of digital communication means that they're likely to be busy. As well as installing and maintaining various different radio networks, they also have to look after video, satellite and IT systems, and, in the future, the new sophisticated battlefield communication systems that are being developed.

In the beginning the Lord moulded 3 types of Technician.

The Radio Tech, God's Chosen few. Self declared more military minded, slightly greener than the rest, loves the airborne thing, and selected from the Top 10% of each basic Tech course. No women allowed.

The Radio Relay Tech, Existed in the Triffid days pre Ptarmigan.

The Terminal Equipment Tech, Spring benders, Teleprinters and telephone exchanges were his domain. Women welcome.

The Lord then gave us Ptarmigan, and the Relay and TE tech were forced to join forces to allow the system to work.

Radio Tech's continued to sneer at the new Systems techs bretheren, safe in the knowledge that Ladies of the Corps could not join the hallowed ranks.

The Lord blessed his technicians with T trade pay The last working day every month used to see a convoy of 4 Tonners arrive through the main gate just to deliver the loose change for these mighty chaps. They were the proverbial engineers of Star Trek legends, able to construct a 10Megawatt intraspotic man portable radio out of a few nuts and bolts (it even had flashing lights). Sadley as the Millenium approached modular based equipment came to the fore making most of the tefal head skills redundant. Not many now can even spell oscillascope never mind use one. The advent of Pay2000 saw the mere mortals of the Corps gain equal status in pay. Things did not get better becuase the Corps faced with new challenges then amalgamated all of her technicians together to become the Systems Engineer Technician. Radio Techs were shoe horned into the back of vehicles they were not comfortable with. This loss of status is obvious in todays technician who is typically weak willed, work shy and still in a state of shock that promotion no longer comes in a box of Sugar Puffs.

The selected few Sys Eng Tech progress through to the Supervisory world of Foreman of Signals, or elect for a career at the shouty end of a Pace Stick.

Trade Structure of the Royal Signals
RS Op AS Op Spec Op Sys Eng Tech Driver Lineman Electrician (ED) Technical Supply Specialist

Supervisory Trades
YofS FofS Supvr (R) Supvr (IS)

For further information, have a look at the R Signals website: Royal Corps of Signals.