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Sad, witless, arrogant and all round tosser who looks like Plug from the Bash Street Kids. The women loathe him and a large number of the men do too.

His only downfalls in life, apart from the fact that he's a STAB and, therefore, not a proper Soldier are he is still breathing and is stealing a large amount of everyone else's oxygen by being a gobby cunt.

Had a disagreement with an arrse 'maiden' (term used loosely) which has escalated into him vs most of the maidens and the equal oportunities dullards. It remains banter with some but ceased to be banter with others a long time ago. He has a hard time remembering which ones are which.

Despite what some of them say. Is universally loathed by the 'maidens'. Most of them groan in despair when they see a PM from him, or he enters the chat room.

If you want to comment on me, then please do. However, please use your real user names (I know which dull group the StabTiffy Stalkers come from) and do so on the Discussion Page. Thanks.