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A Squadron is a sub-unit of a Regiment and is composed of a number of Troops. Squadrons are found in non-infantry parts of the Army, e.g. Royal Signals, Royal Engineers, Really Large Company.

An FR Regiment consists of five Squadrons - A,B,C,D and HQ. Each Squadron contains five Troops - three are equiped with Scimitar, one Support Troop with Spartan and a GW Troop with Striker.

A signals Squadron will typically consist of a support troop and three operational troops, although there are no hard and fast rules.

664 Squadron Army Air Corps generally attracts very well hung, exeptionally attractive and debonair young men. The ladies are generally hogs, though.

Also found in Crab Air where it's made up of flights, and found in the Booties. Can also be a group of ships in the Andrew.

See Company for more details.