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  • ...intercourse. In their courting days, as a token of his love, the noble [[Lord Flasheart]] was so taken with the sultry delights of the lovely [[Blondebin on the A27 that is known for it's [[Dogging]] activities. Apparently [[Flash]] left the light on in his Volvo 340, as an invite for the other Doggers to
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  • Flash also subscribes to [[homosexual]] forums and at weekends attends gay swingi ==The Ballad of Flash and Blondebint==
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  • ! colspan=2 bgcolor=#ff0000 | Flash.....ahhhhhh!! ===Flash Gordon===
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  • Estimates included the princely sum of £1,000 (about £74,200 today) for Lord Hardinge to form an "Establishment for the instruction of the Army in rifle ...sferred to the SASC and awarded their stable belts and regimental shoulder flash.
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  • ...e time these rumblings were being discussed, [[User:The Lord Flasheart|The Lord Flasheart]] (who hadn't taken much notice of the mutterings concerning the ===The Lord Flasheart===
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  • His greatness appeared in a flash of rainbow coloured light and intoned unto him .. On the seventh of February, in the year of our Lord, it came to pass that Trans Sane had taken it upon himself to hold a meetin
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  • ...rity. [[The Ballad of Flash and Blondebint|Has/had a lunatic crush]] on [[Lord Flasheart]] since time began, and in the pits of her illness often blames A
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