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The name says it all really.

One of the few good looking arrse maidens.

Trolly Dolly's name does not say it all at all. She is neither a trolly or dolly, She is in fact an air hostess and if you're ever lucky enough to fly East Bulgarian Budget Airlines then you may be lucky enough to be served a hot Bovril by Liverpool's finest export since they started selling Kevin Keegan perms in joke shops.

Trolly Dolly did not fiddle with her nipples on the London crawl, she only does that in private and only to fine tune Radio 4, the reason half the blokes ran to the toilet is because she'd just dropped her guts and they needed to puke (East Bulgarian Budget Airways onflight meals are not good for the digestive sysytem). As everyone knows all Arrse maidens are lovely in their own special way (some more Speshul than special) but Trolly seems to get more praise than others. Although this might just have something to do with her sterling efforts in London with Babyblue to raise money for Sgt Slingsby.

An Embra ARRSE Crawl Survivor

A Christmas London Crawl Survivor

A Cardiff ARRSE Crawl Suvivor