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Founding member of the Fun Police. Due to a recent name change I am, in fact now known as Sixty ;)

He's not Sixty and he might describe it as a foot but I doubt if it even comes close to 6". Still at least the girls still call him doll.

An all round top bloke and a dedicatedVisual Utopiaplayer but he does have some very strange friends...

Date Joined 28 June 2005
Posts Hunners an hunners
Location Ooh look, a castle!
vuswords2.jpg This user is a

A seasoned veteran of many a forum campaign, survivor of many an ARRSE Crawl, highly accomplished VU player and looks, ummm, interesting in an Elf costume:


Dream woman is Scaryspice who looks far more appealing in her Elf costume: (Nah mate, nowt to do with any elfishness. More her general gorgeousness and the fact that she let me drink her last Westons)


Makes himself look good by hanging around with complete alcoholics like Soroban

Editor's note - the pics actually look nothing like the named individuals - Scary is much more attractive and Sixty is much more hideous

A great chap whatever name!Gillylady