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Section Commander

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Section Commander n. Nasty hard arsed Corporal that commands the Section.

In the infantry the role of the section is to deliver the Section Commander onto the enemy so that he can get amongst them and cause havoc and kill "Like what they pay you for" (Sgt Maxfield, Zulu). Section Commanders should be kept in locked boxes marked "To be used only in times of War" but sadly can't.

A Section consists of 8 of Britain's finest men/women and make the basic building block for a fighting formation of dismounted (non vehicle based) soldiers.

A section is usually commanded by a Corporal, with a Lance Corporal as their Second in Command (2IC). It consists additionally of typically: 2 LSW's, 2 LMG's, Radio Operator, and 2 UGL's. Leaving only the section commander and 2IC able to fix swords.

A Section can be sub split in to two "bricks" or 4 person teams with an LMG, UGL and an LSW in each, with the Section commander and 2IC leading each.

3 Sections make a Platoon. A Platoon is lead by a Platoon Commander, a Platoon Sergeant, with a Radio Operator and Rifleman in support.