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Sarah Michelle Gellar

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Tis Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Also star of w*nkfest film Cruel Intentions.

Rumour has the following as true - make up your own mind if they are:

  • Recovering anorexic.
  • Prefers to go out with men less famous than she. (so all Arrsers in with a chance)
  • Has hair extension because of the damage all that dyeing has done to her hair.
  • Had her breasts done.
  • "Condescending" and "patronizing" to common people.
  • Linked with David Boreanaz (whose marriage she helped destroy)

Vital Stats!

Birthplace: New York City
DOB: April 14th, 1977
eight: 5'2"
Eye colour: Green
Hair Color: Dark Brown (Natural, apparently)

She's a stunner, good body and can beat 10 tonnes of sh*t out of any guy who crosses her, a woman's idol!

buffy_stab.jpg "No I dont want to go out with you" would have been enough!

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