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The firearms equivalent of the Swiss watch, although despite being Swiss designed not actually manufactured in Switzerland. Due to some pesky laws that limit the supply of weapons outside Switzerland SIG entered into a partnership with Sauer & Sohn a German firm, since Germany really doesn't mind who they supply weapons to. The upshot being that the rest of the world can get their hands on a rather nicely designed range of small arms safe in the knowledge that they have been manufactured with a tuetonic obsession for detail.

SIG pistols have no safety, instead they offer a decocking lever that allows the user to lower the hammer safely once made ready. The pistol can then be carried in perfect safety until required, when a long squeeze of the trigger works the pistol in double action, subsequent shots being single action as normal (A double action only version is available, usually for people with an eye to the legal implications of shooting people).

Not the sole preserve of THEY SIG pistols also get dished out to other units whose civilian clothing allowance claims are quite significant, consequently the natural home of the SIG pistol is snugly nestled between the waistband of a pair of Deisel jeans and Calvin Klien jockey shorts. The small, but perfectly formed P230 in 9mm Short/.380 acp is available for the summer months when the larger P226 or P229 models would spoil the line of that classic retro t-shirt.

A number of other nations have adopted the SIG for more general issue and it can often be seen in the thigh holster of Finnish personnel, although it is a much rarer visitor to the hands of said Finns, who much prefer to practice their national sport of being miserable and not speaking to anyone (including other Finns) than any sort of military shenanigans.

All in all SIG pistols, unlike the Vauxhall Nova, are a good thing.