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The REME is made up of skilled tradesmen that are all soldiers first, who provide essential maintenance at both first and second line. Their role is to keep the equipment in the users hands.

  • Vehicle Mechanics are split between A Mech (Tracked vehicles) and B Mech (everything else).
  • Recovery Mechanics are the army answer to the AA on the battlefield.
  • Technical Storeman are Quartermaster staff and responsible for obtaining our tools and special test equipment.
  • Armourers fix anything from pistols through to tanks, without them no one would be able to shoot.
  • Aircraft Technicians are basically glorified mechanics who can fix aircraft.
  • Avionics Technician this is the god like figure that can fix all the electronics to keep the aircraft flying and fighting.
  • Artillery Technicians are new in the REME, an army answer to undermanning, change the name, bodge it and hopefully fix the problem.
  • Armoured Technician, again new in the REME same as the Artillery Tech but work on tanks and warriors to keep them in the fight.
  • Guided weapons technician, new name for the old radar techs, hopefully will recruit more due to this name change.
  • Last but no means least the Regimental Specialist responsible for keeping all the tradesman in touch with their military skills and training.

Regimental Specialists were once called RD, Regimental Duties, a job reserved for the thickest and most reviled men in REME. Usually those that were unable to learn a trade due to lack of brain cells, think plant life with slashed peaks and shiny boots.

Armourers are the most respected of all REME Trades, brave intelligent and handsome. They are in fact, the only real tradesmen left, as the others are now simply part fitters.

However some other REME types would say : Armourer's are not tradesmen... they are only skilled in the art of drinking. There was a rumour that one of them was once brave, but none of them are in the slightest bit handsome.

REME suffers from a glut of empire builders.

Other REME trades include:

Shipwright, these are I think, a cross between a welder, a carpenter and a joiner, and spend a lot of their time either in Marchwood posted to 17 Port & Maritime Regt or in the Falkland Island as part of 460 Port Troop. A very skilled tradesman, would be great for scrapheap challenge.

Metalsmith, as the name suggests work with metals, essentially they are welders and make a lot of money during B-B-Q season making B-B-Qs out of old oil drums. Again a very skilled tradesman.

I may be wrong on this one but I think the REME used to have Blacksmiths too, but were phased out.