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Royal Corps of Signals

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The Royal Signals are leaders in Information Technology and Communications for the British Army. We Provide the Army with communications throughout the world, and promise a varied and exciting Career.


Our role is to provide the Communications Infrastructure and Information systems that are required to Command and Control the best armed forces in the world. Whether you are an Officer or Soldier you will play a key role in providing this capability, and subsequently will be part of a close team that have earned the well deserved motto of Certa Ceto (Swift and Sure).

The Good Bit

However it is not 'all work and no play'. As a large Corps we offer a wide range of sporting and adventure training opportunities, such as an Annual Winter Sports camp in Austria where you will be taught to ski or snowboard and various expeditions overseas, for example to Nepal. Our sporting opportunities cater for the enthusiastic amateurs as well as the professional amateurs'. To top it all, regardless of how long you stay in the Corps, you will be trained and gain experience in skills in IT and Communications that will qualify you for employment when/if you decide the Army is no longer for you.

What Everyone Else Thinks

They are however notorious whiners - see the ARRSE Signals Board for proof. They are widely regarded by the rest of the Army as not quite as clever as they think they are. And if they edit this bit out again you can add humourless to the list.

Units and Organisation

Royal School of Signals

   -  11th Signal Regiment

1 Signal Brigade

   - 7 Signal Regiment 
   - 16 Signal Regiment
   - 628 (UK) Signal Troop

1(UK)Armoured Divison and Signal Regiment

   - 20 Armoured Brigade HQ and Signal Squadron (200)
   - 4 Armoured Brigade HQ and Signal Squadron (204)
   - 7 Armoured Brigade HQ and Signal Squadron (207)

3rd (UK) Division Signal Regiment

   - 1st Mechanised Brigade HQ and Signal Squadron (215)
   - 12 Mechanised Brigade HQ and Signal Squadron (228)
   - 19 Light Brigade HQ and Signal Squadron (209)

14th Signal Regiment (EW)

18 (UKSF) Signal Regiment

21st Signal Regiment (Air Support)

16th (Air Assault) Brigade HQ and Signal Squadron (216)

101st Logistic Brigade HQ and Signal Squadron (261)

Queens Gurkha Signals

   - Brunei Signal Troop
   - Nepal Signal Troop

2 (National Communications) Signal Brigade

   - 10 Signal Regiment
   - 31st (City of London) Signal Regiment(V)
   - 32nd (Scottish) Signal Regiment(V)
   - 36th (Eastern) Signal Regiment(V)
   - 37th Signal Regiment(V)
   - 38 Signal Regiment(V)
   - 39th (Skinners) Signal Regiment (V)
   - 40th (Ulster) Signal Regiment(V)
   - 71st (Yeomanry) Signal Regiment(V)
   - 1 (Royal Buckinghamshire Yeomanry) Signal Squadron (Special Communications)
   - 2 (City of Dundee) Signal Squadron(V)
   - 60 Signal Squadron(V)
   - 81 Signal Squadron(V)
   - 94 (Berkshire Yeomanry) Signal Squadron 


   - LIAG(V)

11 Signal Brigade

   - 2nd Signal Regiment
   - 14th Signal Regiment
   - 30th Signal Regiment
   - 33rd (Lancashire and Cheshire) Signal Regiment(V)
   - 34th (Northern) Signal Regiment(V)
   - 35th (South Midland) Signal Regiment(V)

15th Signal Regiment

   - 218 Signal Squadron (8th Inf Bde)
   - 213 Signal Squadron (39th Inf Bde)

660 Signal Troop (EOD)

Defence Communication Services Agency

   - United Kingdom
   - Germany

Royal Corps of Signals Trades and Supervisory Roles

Supervisory Roles


Royal Corps of Signals Trades and Supervisory Roles (Alternative Descriptions)

Supervisory Roles (alt description)

Trades (Alt Description)

Promotion in the Royal Corps of Signals

Other Stuff