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Royal Army Chaplains Department

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Royal Army Chaplains Department, home of the Padre Posse.

The Padre is almost always welcomed by troops especially when clutching spiritual comfort in his mitts.

Quite often seen in the most unusual places, but they do have a saying that wherever the Army goes, they go, be it in barracks, on exercise, peacekeeping or warfighting.

The Chaplains used to have a really cool HQ at Bagshot Park (just down from Sandhurts) that had a fish pond out the back that had a bronze plaque next to it saying -

"Please do not walk on the water"

The fundamentalism of the chief God Botherer could be gauged from if he approved of the plaque or had it removed. Bagshot Park, being too good and expensive for the Chaplains was given to Prince Edward to live in, shame really.

Website here

Top fact: The Padre at ATR Winchester is Mark Christian. Nominative determinism strikes again!

The Army Scripture Readers are not part of the RAChD.