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Recce Patrol

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In these days of satellite surveillance, AWACS, UAV's, CCTV and some cnut up a tree with binoculars ... there is still a need for a small group of Toms to wander out into the unknown for a 'bit of a look see'. This is the reconnaissance patrol or recce for short.

Once the decision to Harbour up for the evening, you can guarantee this duty will fall on your sorry ass about 20 second after you have got comfy in your Shell Scrape. Just about the point you slip into a bit of a fantasy about Angelina or Sienna or even Miley Cyrus!

You and several of your muckers (the ones on the shit list) will then be expected to wander out into the cold dark night and find Red Team in a stealthy manner. Red Team will probably be doing the same thing but it is considered a bit off to find Red Team's recce patrol, have a natter, agree that both sides will have a bit of a kip then head back and report you saw nothing.