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Rapier Missile System

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RAPIER is an Air-Defence weapon system that can be mounted on an armoured vehicle (See JERNAS Below)Exported version of Rapier FSC, or Rapier FSC,towed by a 4ton Bedford or Leyland DAF. It is used by The Royal Artillery and the RAF Regiment.However the Royal Artillery will be taking over the roll of GBAD (Ground Based Air Defence) from the RAF Regiment this year.The RAF Regiment will augment present field squadrons or contribute to one of the 5 force protection wing HQ's that were recently established.

It comes in 4 variants:

  • Field Standard A (FSA)No longer in service with the British Army.
  • Field Standard B (FSB)No longer in service with the British Army.
  • Field Standard C (FSC)Currently used by Air Defence Regiments and RAF Regiment.
  • Tracked RAPIER (FSA on a tracked chassis)No longer in service with the British Army.

RAPIER FSC is made up of 3 major components. 1.The Launcher.(LCHR) 2.The Tracking Radar.(TR) 3.The Active Surveillance (AS) These are known as CTB's or Common Trailer Bases, towed behind either an addapted 4ton Bedford or Leyland DAF.

For the pointy-headed here is a website with the techy stuff about FSC.

BAE have developed a retail version called JERNAS.

If you came here looking for information on a long, thin, pointy sword, you need the Rapier page.