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The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst is located in leafy Camberley, at the conjunction of Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire. It is here that the British Army's future Officers receive their training. A tough 44-week course leads up to a spiffing parade, after which a majority of the newly commissioned officers begin to question why they have just spent the best part of the previous year being trained in drilling with rifles, which they will actually never do again.

Since the late 1980s, female officer cadets have received the same training as males, the only significant difference being that male RMAS Cadets are rarely spit-roasted by Colour Sergeants.

Aside from the usual cadets and spitroastees there are also floppies. An odd bunch who see no merit in sweating or using the english language.

RMAS enjoys its well deserved reputation as the best officer training establishment in the whole of Camberley.

Has many ideals that it doesn't live up to particularly well. Likes to teach Officers lots of drill - not that they'll ever use it much when they leave...lots and lots of guards rubbish goes on here...other than that it's a jolly old place!


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