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RAF Regiment

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The Royal Air Force has its own private pretend Infantry unit called the RAF Regiment formed on 1st February 1942. Usually known as the "Rockapes", its original role was concerned with airfield defence although this is no longer a role that even the RAF can pretend is important. Consequently they have expanded into almost any area which they believe might justify their existence. The list currently includes:

In order to fulfill these demaning roles they have every piece of Gucci kit known to man.

Remember these are the heroes who would have beaten off Spetsnaz attacks had WW3 come to pass .... so be nice!

Shooting Skills

To become a marksman in the RAF Regiment you have to do this:

  1. Be able to identify a gun thingy.
  2. Be able to put the correct brassy pointed tubes in the correct metal box.
  3. Ask a grown up or a Brown Job where to put the metal box on a gun thingy.
  4. Make the gun thingy explode the brassy pointy tubes out of the box and fly off somewhere....... all without crying.
  5. Tie a bandana round your head properly.
  6. Dress up your Landrover like it's an SAS pinkie, even though you're only doing circuits round the airfield perimeter wire.