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Queen's Volunteer Reserves Medal

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Queen's Volunteer Reserves Medal

The Queen's Volunteer Reserves Medal (QVRM) was instituted by Her Majesty The Queen by Royal Warrant on 29 March 1999 and it was announced in Parliament on 1 April 1999. There are only 13 QVRM awards made in any one year, and they are presented only to members of the Volunteer Reserves of all 3 Armed Services for exemplary meritorious service in the conduct of their duties. The QVRM is a Level 3 award and ranks in precedence immediately after the Queen's Gallantry Medal and the Royal Victorian Medal and is the first award dedicated to Volunteer Reserves that attracts attendance at an Investiture. The first awards were announced in the 1999 Queen's Birthday Honours List and the first awards were presented at an investiture on 5 November 1999.

Unlike the VRSM, this does attract post-nominal letters.


Silver disc bearing the sovereign's effigy on the obverse and the inscription The Queen's Volunteer Reserves Medal in scroll work on the reverse.


Either yellow with 2 broad green stripes or green with 3 narrow yellow ones. I can't work it out.


Nope. Sorry. Not even if the sun shines out of ...

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