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Queen's Own Highlanders

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Queen’s Own Highlanders

”Help the King”

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The Queen's Own Highlanders (Seaforth & Camerons) was formed in 1961 by amalgamation of the Seaforth Highlanders (Ross-shire Buffs, The Duke of Albany's) and the Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders. In 1994 the regiment was again amalgamated with the the Gordon Highlanders, to form The Highlanders (Seaforth, Gordons and Camerons).


Blue hackle. Tartans: MacKenzie of Seaforth (illustrated) and Cameron of Erracht (trews, tartan patch behind capbadge, Pipers kilts and plaids.

The cap badge (illustrated) includes the regimental motto, Cuidich 'n Righ which means "Help the King". The regiment was the only Regular one in the British Army with a Gaelic motto.

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