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QM's store

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The Quartermaster's Store.

A place of legend, full of all the shiny things that every squaddie wants. Typically neatly folded in large piles.

All that stands between the squaddie and the correctly fitting, or serviceable, item of their dreams, lies the Quartermaster's staff. These fall into two types;

1. The career storesman - has decided that being inside, in the warmth, with a TV, newspaper, kettle, and correctly fitting clothing is much preferable to being out in the wet. Still bitter about being rejected by the RLC for being too obsessive/compulsive, even for them. Frequently heard to mutter Stores is for storing, not for issuing. If it was, it would be called "Issues", not "Stores", geddit?

2. The accidental storesman - has been G3-side for twenty years, but suddenly gets lumbered with being the Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant (RQMS) as part of their career path. Frequently considers changing the sign outside to say "Issues". Early on realises that it's easier to count 1033's on your desk than pickhelves in a hangar two hundred yards away.