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Promo Parachutiste

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Promo Parachutiste is the selection course which Legionnaires intending to join 2eme REP undergo at Camp Raffalli in Corsica.


Selection for 2e REP takes 4 weeks. The first 2 weeks are physical tests across terrain. Parachute training takes place at Camp Raffalli and runs for 2 weeks with a total of 6 jumps.<ref>The Making of a Legionnaire, Peter MacDonald, Sidgwick & Jackson Ltd (Jan 1991), ISBN 0283060158</ref><ref>The French Foreign Legion: The Inside Story of the World-Famous Fighting Force, John Robert Young, Len Deighton, Thames & Hudson (January 1, 1988), ISBN 0500273820</ref><ref></ref>

2e REP is the only regiment of the Legion which trains its paratroopers. Indeed, the Legionnaires spend their parachute training in Calvi TAP within the walls of the regiment. All other Army units are trained at the school TAP (ETAP) in Pau. This is the ideal location of the Legion 2nd REP and specially that causes Legionnaires get their patent with them.

Every new legionnaire 2e REP password assigned to a TAP instruction compulsory. This training is called "promotion" or "the promo" that lasts 2 to 4 weeks depending on aircraft availability for the session jumping. When "the promotion" lasts two weeks, the first is devoted to instruction on the ground and the second of flight and jumping. In the event this training is extended for a week they include the combat formation.

After spending basic training at Castelnaudary, the legionnaires are assigned to regiments Legion. Those who have the ability and chance after assignment to Aubagne are grouped by an NCO came from Calvi, which is responsible for their recovery. Usually this is a monitor that will make them technical TAP instruction in "the promotion". After taking into account the legions of young non-commissioned officer takes them on a ferry to Corsica. They are recovered by a bus in an island port.

The arrival at the barracks of the 2nd REP is Saturday morning. During the weekend still under the command of the monitor, the new promo visit Camp Raffalli Legionnaires and paratroopers museum. The first week of "promoting" the future legionnaire paratrooper passes a series of physical tests, tests TAP:


  • 4 fixed drawbar
  • 15 bending arm (pumps)
  • 40 abdominal
  • 30 squats
  • A string of 6 m (arms and legs)


  • 1500 m - race lattice and a backpack of 11kg in less than 9 minutes.
  • 8000 m - race lattice and a backpack of 11kg in less than 60 minutes.


  • 10 m - apnea lattice and with headphones genau.
  • 90 m - swimming at the end of apnea and in mesh with a helmet genau .

First week: ground training, parachute equipment, training of cables, ducts preparations.

Second week: flight phase, the first jump, with opening of second ventral, the other jumps up to the sixth, giving the issue, obtaining a patent para. The REP is the second regiment of the French army who jumps the highest. The average jump by legionnaire is 15 jumps per year.