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A product of Microsoft that meant Death By Vufoil was replaced by Death by Powerpoint as a training method.

A complete and thorough mastery of all the most obnoxious features of PowerPoint is considered by most managers to be an effective substitute for charisma and substance. Following on from this, an hour-long PowerPoint presentation which ultimately says nothing important at all is considered by the same to be infinitely preferable than a quick five minute briefing with a single page handout which come straight to the point.

When giving a PowerPoint presentation prepared by someone who is "management material", having to wait for each line of text to swish in from the side in an incredibly cheesy fashion whilst you give the presentation is only marginally less preferable to injecting irritant substances into one's eyeballs while simultaneously depilating one's scrotum with 00 sandpaper, liberally lubricated with lemon juice. (see pornography for further insight)

Powerpoint is also the tool of choice for the Intelligence Corps and has (since Op TELIC) been used for more and more products due in part to operating in the Multi National environment (ie with the Americans) for years. An ability to use and modify powerpoint is now an essential part of Intelligence Corps phase 2 training, replacing mil skills and the DIT course.