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Welcome to the Army Reserve Portal which contains the links to any and every useful piece of information you could possibly want: Recruiting and Recruiting Areas, Specialisations, the Student/Soldier lifestyle etc etc. A full listing of all articles concerning the AR can be found here.

For many years the AR was regarded as the ‘Reserve of last resort’, a force to be called upon only when the nation’s back was against the wall.

Today, it is the ‘Reserve of first choice’, an integral part of Britain’s land forces, using much of the same equipment, operating to the same standards and providing indispensable support to the Regular Army. Indeed, the expression ‘One Army’ is what drives current recruitment and selection, and encapsulates the role of today’s Army Reserve.

On 1st April 2008, the TA celebrated the 100th anniversary of its formation, and to commemorate and celebrate these remarkable men and women, this Portal has been created.

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