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Piers Morgan

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Former editor of The Daily Mirror - a gutter press publication that he was in the process of running into the ground before he chose to publish faked photos taken by some TA eejits in the back of a Four Tonner, purporting to show an Iraqi getting a shoeing. He was sacked for this - and quite rightly so.

Morgan is top of the list of many fantasy genocide lists with good cause. This was the kid at school who was always dropping you in it and then who laughed silently through the window as your arse was being beaten to mince by the head of the Latin Department. [I'm totally convinced this cnut went to my school]

Of consequence, Morgan possesses one of those faces you would never tire of punching repeatedly. If there's a Z List celebrity party going down, rest assured that this twat will worm his way on to the guest list - and then have his picture taken with every mong nonentity present for publication in whatever squalid rag he happens to be working for. I seriously hope someone rims his Martini when he hops off for a piss, and then laughs themselves silly as the clueless cnut complains his drinky smells of six month old Dairylea.