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* CDT are here??
* CDT are here??
* ONE! Two, Three, ONE!!
* ONE! Two, Three, ONE!!
* Mr Vice...that'll be a bottle of port
* You're in your own time now.

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  • You've got three weeks to live
  • You're posted to Tidworth
  • Fix bayonets
  • Your new Troop Sgt has just done P company
  • Leave is cancelled
  • Your dad is fcuking your sister
  • Pick up the log
  • March to the time I call out
  • Do you accept my award
  • It's character building
  • I'm sorry, Sir, but I've had to remove your penis and both your testicles
  • We've always done it that way!
  • You are cordially invited to the 3 Para Mortar Platoon Rohypnol Party
  • My office. Now.
  • Move to Grid 12345678 where the helicopters will pick you up at 0300.
  • Do you have anything planned for leave?
  • It's your turn to blow the blind grenade.
  • OK, integrity question, did you do it?
  • I think it's yours
  • Crack, Crack, Ping, Ping, THUMP.
  • Sunray is down.
  • Breaking into double time
  • Taking you a stage further in your foot drill......... I left you in this position
  • Rifle exercises judging the time.......
  • Reveille 05 early hours and Drill until NAAFI break
  • Contact, wait..out.
  • Follow me, it's a short cut.
  • Of course the Claymore is pointing away from way are WE pointing ?
  • Good effort lads, outstanding entry drills, but it's the wrong house.
  • He's waking up, pass the KY, it's better when they fight back.
  • The RMP are in the block
  • You feature rather a lot in the Christmas duty list
  • I forgot to tell you, I've got herpes
  • You will need this opened umberella dragged from your piss slit
  • Don't make plans for the weekend
  • The PRE team have just come through the gates
  • You'll get it in theatre
  • Is that it?
  • We're all out of them, fill out all these forms and we will indent for them.
  • There's an Officer in here improperly dressed...
  • It's your round.
  • Too slow, do it again!
  • Standby....
  • CDT are here??
  • ONE! Two, Three, ONE!!
  • Mr Vice...that'll be a bottle of port
  • You're in your own time now.