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ARRSE User PhotEx is also known as meerkatz, ARRSE's infamous civilian bureaucrat, Google-Fu blackbelt and pompous never-served CUNT. Obvious sock puppet of the walt extraordinaire meerkatz; also known as 'SOI' and 'PhotEx', all of his callsigns are thoroughly dedicated to walting and pissing off the ARRSE membership while derailing numerous threads.

This user has fulfilled all of the criteria for Supermong status. Our readers are directed to the updated meerkatz page on the Arrsepedia, which contains everything you need to know.

Executive Summary

It is extraordinary to think that this meerkatz/PhotEx sockpuppet idiot should be allowed anywhere near the civil service with access to sensitive information. However, this permasending deluded cretin is probably an excellent motif and advert for the modern British civil service.

Apparently on the autistic spectrum, our master of shit disguises has been a Class 1 Cunt and an obnoxious ultracrepidarian on ARRSE for years. Apart from the tell-tale 500 posts per month: his pronounced OCD and his trademark cat avatars, in all of his sockpuppet accounts, always give him away.

Conclusion: Supermong

This wanker has earned his Supermong status, and fully deserves the award. A professed expert on everything from the Royal Navy to the Paras: PhotEx is a bell-end full of shit.

And regardless of which sockpuppet he is using, ARRSE's persistent walting Aspie is usually nominated for the annual SPOTY award, running a close second to his fuckwitted compadre BaglOck/Baglock for SPOTY 2018. Who'd have thunk that ARRSE had even bigger bellends than PhotEx.

PhotEx also claims he stopped using the @meerkatz account as he forgot the password. He seems to forget them a lot, seeing as how many accounts he’s had...he keeps being exposed as a permasending know-nothing. (Tappet, Nov. 2018). PhotEx is a bluffing broken-brain fraud: case proven beyond reasonable doubt, and closed.

References and Citations

"Thank you for your in-depth contribution based on your experience"; ARRSE member Dingerr, 18.01.2019.

I’d like to nominate meerkatz/PhotEx for his services to ultracrepidarianism, and myself for making so many people look up a word on the Internet.

"ARRSE User meerkatz is an incurable know-all and 'a relatively low grade CS who has never served in the military'";

@sunnoficarus ; @SOI, and for what is now I think about the eighth time of asking, why do you @meerkatz need to keep changing your log on? @PhotEx You are, I believe, a relatively low grade CS who has never served in the military (Magic_Mushroom, 08.12.2018). SPOTY 2018; THE POLL