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* [[4th Battalion The Parachute Regiment]]
* [[4th Battalion The Parachute Regiment]]
* [ 49 Para]
* [ 49 Para]
==See Also==
* [[3rd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment]]

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"What manner of men are these who wear the maroon beret? They are firstly, all volunteers and are then toughened by hard physical training. As a result they have that infectious optimism and that offensive eagerness which comes from physical well being. They have jumped from the air and by doing so have conquered fear.

Their duty lies in the van of battle; they are proud of their honour and have never failed in any task. They have the highest standards in all things whether it be skills in battle or smartness in execution of all peacetime duties.

They have shown themselves to be as tenacious and determined in defence as they are courageous in attack. They are in fact, men apart.

Every Man an Emperor." Field Marshall the Viscount Montgomery of Alamain.

Pretty much says it all, however I will elaborate.

The Parachute Regiment and to a lesser extent, the rest of the Airborne Forces are quite simply the worlds greatest blokes. Yes we may beat up your dad and shit on your living room floor but every beating and shitting is carried out to the absolute highest standard.

Search through the pages of the glorious Arrse and you will certainly find much hate and bitter jelousy. They fight everything, are arrogant, wretched and deviant but to quote a certain P-Company C/Sgt:

"Parachute Regiment and Airborne Forces may be Arrogant Bastards...But We Are The Best."

When Evil Strives To Overcome Good When Firepower is Greater Than The Spoken Word Then Death Rides A Winged Horse


Currently they have:

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