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Pamela Stephenson

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Instant stiffy for a teen in 1979

Hot Babe (in 1979) from Not The Nine O'Clock News.

Memorable for the spoof American Express advert where she gets her blouse off:

  • Pam (as a sales assistant) asks for a large sum of money.
  • The customer says 'American Express?' as he offers her the card.
  • Pam replies 'That will do nicely ... and would you like to rub my tits too?' as she tears open her blouse.
  • The voiceover then says 'stick your head between them and go "blubba blubba blubba" with American Express'

Notably got the said norks out in the film Stand Up Virgin Soldiers.

Originally seen on the arm of the bloke who played "Hazell" in the 70s, she later married Billy Connolly and in the 90s wrote a gushingly indiscreet biog all about her psychological perceptions of his lifelong mentalisms. Now writes for The Guardian as a "psychotherapist specialising in sex issues."

Doesn't look so hot anymore.

  • Excuse me, but have you seen this? She's a MILF!