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A kiddy fiddler. Paedophiles tend to be associated with certain professions such as the clergy and social workers. (ahem: Pervert Resident In Every Single Town)

Paedophiles are (purportedly) easily confused with paediatricians - especially in Wales. Belgians are the world leaders in paedophilla (allegedly), with entire villages populated by sinister child abuse rings - like Dewsbury, only bigger.

Paedophiles are also the reason why getting t-shirts made up with 'ARRSEpedia' on them would be a bad idea, as it would be way too easy for the uneducated to make the connection between bottoms and kiddy fiddling. Would you walk around with a t-shirt bearing the slogan 'I am a bottom-fondling kiddy shagger'? No, thought not.

Also with certain confectionaries

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