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Physical Training Instructor

The Myth (from the Army website)

Aldershot 1917

PTIs are instrumental in the training of the Royal Flying Corps.

  • Trained to have a working knowledge of how the body works, the principles of physical training and be able to conduct all types of fitness training and testing.
  • With the introduction of Army Health Trainer, PTIs are able to advise/point soldiers to the relevant authority, on a number of issues, ranging from diet and nutrition, smoking to sexual health.
  • Working with the Unit APTCI in order to construct training programmes tailored to the Unit's requirements and role in Operational theatres.
  • Organising competitions, sporting events, PT lessons and other health related matters.
  • Looking DAMN good whilst doing it.

The Reality

Strange, sadistic type people. They like wearing little white vests, prancing about and beasting poor defenceless squaddies. For some bizarre reason they are lusted after on the lonely hearts board.

Famous quotes from PTIs include:

  • 10 times round my beautiful body, go!
  • No pain - no gain.
  • You're in your own time now.
  • Pain is weakness leaving the body.
  • You call them calves? These are calves!
  • Stop whinging... you're supposed to bleed.
  • I do this circuit before your scratchin' your balls in the morning.
  • Just once more round the circuit.
  • Breaking into double time.
  • That's no hill, just get up it!
  • I know a shortcut.
  • Press-up position, down.
  • Pain is only a sensation and sensations are there to be enjoyed!

For the PTIs of the Women’s Auxiliary Balloon Corps, filling out the Ron Hills was never problematic