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Officer of the Order of the British Empire

... or rather what's left of it. A 'blinged up' version of the MBE in gold... plate (don't get excited). This is the next step up the ladder towards a Knighthood. In the military world the OBE carries considerably more kudos than its lesser counterpart and you really have to do some serious fellatio to be considered for one. In nearly all cases, OBEs tend to be awarded to worthies of Lt Col rank, although precedent exists for lower ranking individuals to be awarded one. Lesser mortals get the MBE. ('OBE' is widely accepted in military circles as standing for 'Other Buggers' Efforts'.)

The awards within the Civil Division of the order are generally viewed as worthless, being conferred with gay abandon twice a year on anyone who's either kicked a ball, done a bit of running & jumping or banged enough arse in the arts and music 'industry'. There is little difference between MBE and OBE recipients in the non-military world. Who gets what is determined on how many lollipops have been held aloft, balls kicked, distance ran and semen dispensed.



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