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Northern Ireland Combat Helmet

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The Northern Ireland Combat Helmet was a short-lived lightweight Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) helmet that was introduced for wear under conditions that were unsuitable for soft head dress: berets, Glengarries etc. Prior to its introduction, either the steel airborne or '44 Pattern helmets were used - the latter retro-fitted with a visor.

Both these were found unsuitable and were replaced by the GRP 'Cromwell' helmet which was little (if any) different for a motorcycle helmet which could also be fitted with a visor. Whilst the Cromwell helmet was suitable for public order duties (riots), its full head (and ear) covering made it unsuitable for hazardous urban and rural operations that required acute senses.

The Combat Helmet (Northern Ireland) was a half way house between these earlier helmets and the Mk.6 Combat Helmet and utilised a GS nylon, PVC and kid leather harness with plastic buckle fastener. These helmets had been replaced by the late '80s.