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Naval Fleet

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Below is a list of the survice fleet (partly) and the shore Est.

Amphibious class - landing platform/Helicopter

HMS Albion (L14) HMS Bulwark (L15) HMS Ocean (L12)

Type 42 destroyer

HMS Exeter (D89) HMS Southampton (D90) HMS Nottingham (D91) HMS Liverpool (D92) HMS Manchester (D95) HMS Gloucester (D96) HMS Edinburgh (D97) HMS York (D98)

Type 23 frigates

HMS Argyll (F231) HMS Lancaster (F229) HMS Iron Duke (F234) HMS Monmouth (F235) HMS Montrose (F236) HMS Westminster (F237) HMS Northumberland (F238) HMS Richmond (F239) HMS Somerset (F82) HMS Sutherland (F81) HMS Kent (F78) HMS Portland (F79) HMS St Albans (F83)

Type 22 frigate

HMS Cornwall (F99) HMS Cumberland (F85) HMS Campbeltown (F86) HMS Chatham (F87)

Aircraft Carriers

HMS Illustrious (R06) Flagship HMS Ark Royal (R07)

Also, the sure est. are;

HMS Nelson - HMNB Portsmouth HMS Drake - HMNB Devonport, Plymouth HMS Neptune - HMNB Clyde, near Glasgow HMS Heron - RNAS Yeovilton HMS Seahawk - RNAS Culdrose HMS Collingwood - Maritime Warfare School and WE training HMS Sultan - MEM/AEM training base, Survival School HMS Raleigh - Basic training and S&S trade training. HMS Temeraire - PTI training base and sports