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Standing for the "North Atlantic Treaty Organisation" which stood united against the possible expansion of communisum under the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact. NATO now contains many (once communist) eastern european countries thus making a NATO invasion of the east a bit pointless. More information available here ------> NATO site

Cracks are starting to show in NATO with most member states refusing to send more troops to Afghanistan to help out the hard pressed Brits and Canadians ... They say its due to ‘over-commitment’ of their forces. Cnuts dont know the meaning of the word!

A way of taking tea - NATO Standard tea is with milk and two sugars.

A strange threatening organisation which, according to many residents of the Florida Everglades, the Appalachian Mountains, Washington State and Alaska, is threatening to take over the USA and thus eventually 'prise their guns from their cold, dead, fingers'. Which apparently makes it alright to blow up FBI office buildings and dress your 23 stone fat, skank, girlfriend in a DPM thong.

Also see SEATO.