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Loyal and well-loved supplier of out of date nutty and grossly obese birds to HM Forces. Male canteen managers tend to look as if they have been locked in a darkened room playing Dungeons and Dragons since they were four years old, and tend to be well represented on the local Sex Offender's Register.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about NAAFI is the way that they have made supposedly 'tax-free' high value consumer goods, sold in operational theatres, cost more than they do on the High Street back home. Amazingly, a crap, bottom of the range digital camera, sold at the NAAFI at Basra Airport, costs about 30% more than it would cost at Dixons on Oxford Street. Cool. Particularly when the wily soldier cottons on to the fact that, via his free military internet connection, he can export anything he wants to himself at substantial discounts.