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Major city in Bavarian Germany and, as such, ever ready to disassociate themselves from anything unsavoury committed in, say, Hamberg or Berlin. Site of Hitler's first attempt to seize power in 1923,using a Beerhall as his base of operations.

Site of Olympic Games in 1972 and of one of the worst hostage rescue attempts in history, where Arab terrorists held hostage Israeli athletes at the Olympic village before taking them to the air base at Furstenfeldbruck. The 'rescue' involved a planning committee headed by a politician instead of the military (the Man from MOSSAD being told to go make the tea), "marksmen" of inadequate number and training and several APCs that were parked twenty miles away at the time. Appalling carnage commenced. Three of the Black September terrorists were captured but were "exchanged" for a conveniently "hijacked" Lufthansa jet several months later, thus get rid of the entire embarassment. Belated responses included West Germany set up GSG-9 and later finally getting around to persuading Andreas Baader and pals to top themselves in fortress Stammheim.