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Capital of the former USSR (Evil Empire) and current capital of Russia (partners in good faith).

Bloody cold in winter, baking in summer and sod all to buy at any time of year.

Destination of many ravening armies over the centuries - some successful and some less so.

  • Vikings - Turned up, took over, changed their name to Rus (something to do with a bad dice debt back home).
  • Mongols - got in, wiped the placed off the face of the map, fcuked off west.
  • French & Napoleon - got in, burnt it to the ground (all except one cherry orchard) then froze their arrses off on the way home.
  • Germans - got to the edge of town, lobbed some shells at it then got driven back all the way to Berlin.
  • NATO - had a plan in the late 50's to aggressively counterattack any eastern block aggression culminating in the taking of Moscow. Plan relied heavily on nuking anything that looked even slightly dangerous ie if a tactical nuke would have been used on a family of badgers if they looked like causing trouble, think what would have been thrown at a T55 tank company.

Currently the location of the ON/OFF switch for the whole of Europe's gas supplies.

Also a poxy little camp near an airport in Belfast