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A unit of value that can be used as an intermediate to standardize the bartering/exchanging effort for products/services. This means that the sweat of your brow can be converted into a negotiable medium which may be exchanged directly for wants and desires.

At one time money had its basis in gold but in recent years this is now a total fiction. No bank promises to pay the bearer x pounds sterling in gold no matter what it says on the notes. In any other industry this would be called fraud, in the Banking Industry it's called prudent fiscal policy.

Personal views on money:

  • Something that I don't have. I was always told that money can't buy happiness. Unfortunately, it can buy lots of things that give me happiness (including women).
  • Money can't buy happiness, but it does buy a much better type of misery.
  • The only thing about you that Gordon Brown likes.
  • Root of all evil... Oh to be REALLY EVIL!

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