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Populated by loggies and a handful of the best RE Geo people. Close to JHQ and Dusseldorf. The local Whorehouse of note is Cherrys'.

Girls, Girls, Girls isn't a bad one either... More of an end of a month joint, so don't go expecting models, more like a Congolese Crack Den. Located down the bottom of the main strip, within a drunken stroll from the Gravel Pit (and there's a special special place in its own right!!).

If you want a better night out you can head off to the Altstadt in Dusseldorf for about 8 Euros on the train, once there you will be spoilt for a selection of quality bars, the Sutton Arms is good for a starter and then perhaps Louisianas the American bar for a letch at the local women - lots of Turkish ones I seem to remember. If you get stuck for a bar in the Altstadt then you have major issues! It's definitely worth a look! Happy drinking!

The Irish bar is not too bad on a good Friday night, you may be lucky enough to hear the dulcet tones of our old friend Baz Barratt (he's still there?!) as he strums away on his guitar to keep you entertained, but don't ask him to play the Stereophonics! Point to note, keep well away from all the hobbits by the fireplace, as they will gladly steal the shirt off your back!!