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*[ ARRSE Things including Shop and Jobs] - [[Moderator Bloke]].
*[ ARRSE Things including Shop and Jobs] - [[Moderator Bloke]].
*[ ARRSEPedia] - [[User:GhostRider|Ghost_Rider]] and [[Duck Dodgers]].
*[ ARRSEPedia] - [[User:GhostRider|Ghost_Rider]] and [[Duck Dodgers]] aka Hitlerwasabitnaughty.
==Boards by Rank==
==Boards by Rank==

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Certain site users have been given the responsibility of moderating on or more of the forums on the site and are known as moderators. They are able to move, delete, edit and lock individual posts or threads. They can be recognised by the special medals underneath their username. They are also granted access to a special moderators only forum called The Bat Cave.

The current moderators and the boards they moderate are listed below.

The Serious Bit


The Rough Bit

The Cultural Corner

Web Site and Issues

Boards by Rank

Boards by Arm/Service