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A Minefield is a very scary place to be as it's sole reason for being there is to eather do you a lot of harm, or to stop you being there and making sure you go somewhere that the enemy are more prepared for you. Although laying a minefield seems like being quite well prepared to me. It's even a scary place to be if you know it's there and were prepared with all the kit to go in and sort it out, and if that's the case, you really should have been something other than a member of the Royal Engineers.

If you don't know it's there it's a whole lot worse, as normally the first indication that you are in a minefield, is one of the sneeky little mines has been initiated by you or somebody with you, and turned them into 'Red Mist'. By that time it's too late and it's not very comforting for the first IA to be, 'Stop and do nothing' when everything inside is screaming for you to do the complete opposite.

This is why marking of a minefield is very important, and the Royal Engineer`s are very good and diligent at marking exactly where their minefields are, when it was laid and how many mines were laid there. Some of the more backward armies were not so diligent which lead to anti personel mines being made illegal by international agreement. And here lies the stupidity in international agreements. The 'Good' guys sign the agreement and stop laying mines even though they marked and cleared theirs, as is the accepted convention. The 'Bad' guys, who were the cause of the agreement in the first place due to their not caring where their mines were laid, and who got killed and maimed by them ignore the international agreement and carry on laying mines without recording where, when and how many. What changes? Nothing but the 'Good' guys removing a valid weapon from their armoury and hanicaping themselves in favour of the 'Bad' guys.