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Marines Disease

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Not to be confused with Legionairres Disease

Marines Disease(AKA MD), A condition/infection of the brain, Not life threatening (But to others maybe?) which causes the person to have a natural compulsion to harass and disturb others in many ways (Compulsive Name calling, stalking, pestering others etc), Effects can be very horrendous and can lead the victim to SUICIDE. If the victim stands up to him/herself or retaliates, The person with MD does not like it and therefore goes mad!.

People who suffer this condition who decide to undergo a military career for some reason turn out extremely sucsessful in the Marines. This is how this condition was named 'Marines Disease' and makes the Marines 'A force to be reckoned with'.


Most of the MD symptons have already been described above but doctors claim that MD sufferers have a 'Harassing Call' that is used when they harass thier pray, However it sounds like 'Ele Cunthei' (Pronounced Illay Cuntay). For example if thier victim was called John, The MD sufferer would say 'John Ele Cunthei' multiple times.

Here is an example of 'Marine Harassment'.

Royal Marines harassing.

Other than Harassment, they:

The well known "Elvis Smirks" that Marines tend to pull; note the resemblance. If you ever see this facial expression occur, run like hell!.
  • Spend hours in Primark
  • Keep bottled drinks behind bureaus
  • Pull "Elvis Smirks" at their victim/people
  • Pathetically overfill cups to the exact top of the rim
  • Nibble bits of food and spit the rest out
  • Insult people's partners as a matter of winding them up
  • Deliberately stare into people's houses
  • Imitate suffering people (Preferably Emo's) as means of making fun
  • Constantly ask people personal/embarrassing questions in public (for example: asking someone Come on now seriously, are you gay?)
  • Participate in weird sports like Naked Rollmat Fighting
  • Accuse Billy Ocean of singing mongy songs

Marine Harassment Hotline

Fed up of being harassed by a Royal Marine/MD Sufferer?, Contact a member of The Parachute Regiment or Airborne Forces as soon as possible.