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Marine Cadets

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Not to be confused with the ACF, Marine Cadets (now Royal Marines Cadets) are actually part of the Sea Cadet Corps. Just as the Royal Marines are part of the Royal Navy, Sea Cadet units may open a (Royal) Marine Cadet Detachment. Their training is based around the Royal Marines training with all the fun stuff removed by H&S nazis, meaning that they basically just default to the ACF training manual anyway. Some marine cadets ultimately aspire to a career in the Royal Marines and a future of Naked Rollmat Fighting and questionable drinking games.

So why not just join the ACF?

The main differences between the ACF and RMC are:

  • uniform (RMCs are issued Best Blues for ceremonial use, which to a cadet and disturbingly some staff (see Walt) means a lot)
  • being part of the SCC means access to all boating activities as well as soldiering ones - this does not include beach assaults, even in a green ford fiesta.
  • Charity status means they have to fund themselves, but is less affect by MOD and Call Me Dave's shafting of the defence budget.
  • The 'Elite' name
  • Army cadets smell


The Marine Cadet Section was formed in 1955 by request of the Commandant General Royal Marines. It has since grown to just under 1/3 of Sea Cadet Units having Marine Cadet Detachments.

'Royal' Marines Cadets

In April 2010 the Queen announced that the Marine Cadets would henceforth be entitled to use the Royal prefix. The new title of Royal Marines Cadets has in fact made no differece save for the large amount of money spent on new letterheads, and pandering to the ever inflating egos are certain cadets and AIs.

Green Lids?

Nope! Neither cadets nor adult staff wear Commando Berets, unless they have done the course. Shame the same cannot be said for the KMCF. RMC staff who are former Royal Marines Commandos or serviceman who have passed AACC may wear the green lid(and Lympstone do check). Also it is not uncommon to see serving marines wearing their green lid helping out with RMC activities. There's also one chap who is SCC and wears a cherry beret, which confuses me.


All CFAVs (Cadet Forces Adult Volunteer) seem to instantly get branded as Walts. RMC are no different from any other cadet force: most CFAVs are jolly good eggs, however a minority can be classed as oxygen theives or Walts. Any large gathering will be liberally sprinckled with Lowas, Jetboils, Snugpacks, Para Webbing, Para Smocks, and t-shirts that read "God is Airbourne, he Failed the Commando Course", etc, though most companies now ban assault vests and chest webbing.

The Truth

As a Cadet Unit, they are fecking shite. The Marine Cadets like to make everything seem wonderful. The Marine Cadets only want people who will shut thier mouths and only speak good of the Marine Cadets and not put it down (In other words they'd be happy with a load of faggots dressing up in the mentioned best blues, putting camo on thier faces, saying yes sir every two seconds, offering coffee for the Adult Instructors the whole time, licking dick, and parading like a cnut. The whole thing is a big show. Like the Sea Cadets, They put all thier time and effort into ceremonies, stupid traditions, and promoting it, instead of doing proper training like the Army Cadet Force do. They are afraid the truth about the Marine Cadets will get out. Its easy to make videos with background music to big it all up and make it look cool.

You wont find many Marine Cadets talking down about it, Why?, becouse its common behaviour to make oneself look bigger and better than one really is . Once out of it, People have a high tendancy to either not talk about it, or boast about it. People dont want to put down somthing they spent doing thier time.

Its hard to explain to people who havent heard of it or been in it, but the majority of Marine Cadets, especially the AI's are ridiculous, disgusting, sad individuals. There may be a good minority, but very few. If anyone is thinking about the Marine Cadets, dont arse.

Royal Marines Volunteer Cadet Corps

Not part of the Sea Cadet Corps, but are an entirely seperate entity.

Formed in 1901 (Valentine's Day no less), as a means to occupy the sons of SNCOs. The legend goes that the OC's office window was broken by a football, and so said colonel created the RMVCC to occupy the pad brats and thus save future visits from the Launa Man.

They have units in

Independent Units

At this time the Nautical Training Corps (a spin-off organisation from the SCC without proper MOD backing), has not started Royal Marines Cadets sections, though I imagine it won't be long - the Navy Training Corps and Naval Cadet Corps already have!