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Malaya is the part of Malaysia that covers the Malay Peninsular. It was for a long time a British Colony which produced most of the raw products for the worlds rubber industry.

During the Second World War the Japanese advanced south down the peninsular to take Singapore from the unprepared northern coast. Once the Japanese had left Malaya, Communist Terrorists formed the MLRA (Malay Races Liberation Army) which targeted the remote rubber plantations, killing three rubber planters on June 16, 1948. The British Government called a State of Emergency and the Army was sent in.

The Malayan Emergency lasted until Malaysian independence in 1957, and was fought successfully on the whole, by conscript infantry battalions. It saw the reformation of the SAS, their introduction to the Jungle environment, the large scale use of helicopters in Jungle warfare and the first use of the 'Hearts and Minds' tactic introduced in 1951.

Independence had very little to do with the actions of the MLRA and good relations remained with the Malaysian Government. The British were still exercising in Malaya until they left Singapore in the early 1970s and the British Army's Jungle warfare Training School was at Kota Tinggi until it moved to Brunei.