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Welcome to the Army Rumour Service Wiki - The ARRSEpedia

This wiki is designed to contain everything you need to know about the site and the British Army and pretty much anything else our users feel is important! For those not familiar with the concept then the idea is to have a site which every user can edit. If every user contributes a small amount then a massive resource is created.

This is also meant to be funny so humour is generally encouraged


Getting Started

Its really dead simple as all you do is surf round clicking on the links like you normally do or use the 'find' facility. If you see a section you'd like to add a bit too then just press the edit button, make any changes you want and then save the results. Don't worry if what you've put in isn't correct as almost certainly someone will change it at some later date!!

If you want to add a new page then the simplest way is to put a link on an existing page using the 'insert link' button from the tool bar on the editing page. Having saved the page this will then show up as a red link which means that it has no entry. When you click on it you'll have a new blank page on the topic of your choice to edit .... Go on and have a go.

Who can edit what

Anyone can edit any page on this site should they choose to do so. The site admin has the power to control things and particularly rollback pages that have been vandalised but that will normally be the exception....