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Country Of Origin Nazi Germany
Used 1939 - 1945
Weight 8lbs
Rate Of Fire 500 Rounds/Min
Effective Range 100m
Maximum Range 200m

The MP40 was a crappy overrated submachine gun developed in Germany and used extensively by the SS, FJ's(German Paratrooper's), platoon/squad leaders, alongside other troops during World War II, even stolen left-overs were favoured by the Allies.

The MP40 had a relatively low rate of fire and low recoil, which did to some extent slightly more manageable than other contemporary submachine guns. The Spanish made an improved design called the Star Z45 and was also chambered to fire slightly more powerful pistol rounds but still the same weapon. As usual German kit, the MP40 was hideously over-machined and wasteful for its type.

The whole design was crap to start off with:

  • The magazine was 10 miles away from the pistol grip
  • Magazine issues, it used a double column single feed that made it prone to jamming, especially when the shooter used it as a foregrip. To rival the magazine capacity of the PPSh41, the krauts came up with the MP40I that used a dual mag insert that slid across to reload only to turn out unreliable and overcomplicated.
  • The barrel was short and had no shroud
  • The handguard was behind the magazine

However it did have a hydraulic buffer that was also used in the AuSten.

So recognizable and iconic that leftovers were used in the movie industry as the weapon of choice for James Bond baddies in the 1960's (for example Goldfinger) and various episodes of Mission:Impossible.

Some MP40's were still in use by the Kosovo Liberation Army during the war in 1999.