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Very sexy looking helicopter flown by fat men. The elongated nose characteristic of the type is widely believed by those not in receipt of flying pay to be an extension to accommodate the pilot's wallet.


There are 3 main variants still in UK service:

  • Lynx AH Mk7. They were originally procured as an anti-tank aircraft equipped with 8 TOW missiles although this system is due to go out of service in the near future. The aircraft will continue to soldier on in the utility role until the arrival of BLUH. Instantly recognisable by the fact that it has skids.
  • Lynx Mk 9. Bought in late 80's/early 90s to provide the Army with a utility aircraft capable of carrying more than a small map (see Gazelle). Main tasking has always been the delivery of soup to the troops hence the nickname of Soup Dragons.
  • Lynx Mk 8. Operated by the Royal Navy and therefore not worthy of further comment.