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Lympstone is situated in the county of Devon on the banks of the river Exe, halfway between the city of Exeter and the quaint coastal resort of Exmouth. It's home to the Commando Training Centre Royal Marines (CTCRM) and is probably unique in having its own railway station (though make sure you ask the conductor to stop if you've business there). Lympstone Village is the next stop on. Don't get off there as this will result in an unnecessary tab... sorry... 'yomp' back to CTC.

Whether you've decided upon a career of nudity and debauchery or are simply insane enough to want to try your hand at the All Arms Commando Course, CTCRM entails lots of shouting and being cold and wet. Is that what you want? Go there and that's what'll 'appen! But if you're lucky, you might come away with a fancy badge and a nice hat.