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Liz the nurse

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Yummy scrummy lovely Scottish Nursey, called Liz, funnily enough. Is lusted after by Duck Dodgers who loves to perform the Kiss of Life on her everytime she faints. Makes a habit of wearing hold ups underneath her nursey uniform to raise the blood pressure of all her male patients and male colleagues on her ward.

Duck used to long for Nursey to do the same for him. But Hitlerwasabitnaughty killed the Duck off. See Here

Anya-Liz is a cracking lass! But wonders why she has not taken a Restraining order out on Duck yet?

And she has big bangers

There's a photo of her in the Arrse gallery wearing a strange set of robes and clutching what looks like a ceremonial dildo or vibrator. Fingers' crossed she's into some sort of exhibitionist fetishism!

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