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Little-known Facts about the SAS

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  1. All UK pubs are required by law to have one alcoholic regular who used to be a member of the SAS and was one of the first pair into the Iranian Embassy.
  2. Andy McNab's real name is Cyril Clunge. All British soldiers have a mate who knows him and thinks that he's either a good bloke or a tosser.
  3. During selection, potential SAS recruits are required to bite the head off a live ferret. (except in Dog Soldiers where they have to shoot a live dog)
  4. All SAS men must now sign a contract agreeing never to disclose anything about their service, never to call any officer 'Sir' and never to trim their moustaches.
  5. The wine served in both messes at Stirling Lines (complete with winged dagger SAS motif wine label) is in fact, cheap German wine purchased from the local Netto.
  6. Inside the Sgt's Mess in a glass case is a dressed up mannequin in genuine Iranian Embassy garb! Only it's not a mannequin. It is in fact a retired SAS soldier who is paid to stand in the glass case completely still from 12.30 pm until the bar closes around midnight. He is entitled to free food and refreshments in the bar too.
  7. They are vulnerable to kryptonite, but only during a full moon.