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Light Gun

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L118 Light Gun

A 105mm light towed field gun used by the Airborne and Commando Batteries of The Royal Artillery.

A less-powerful version, the L119, is in use with the USMC.

Also likely to be thought of by sci-fi freaks as 'the way of the future' by mowing down baddies with super-extreme condensed fuck-off-powerful beams of photons. When all the baddies will really think is "Hey! Stop shining that fcuckin torch in my face!" The stuff of Star Trek lore.

Not to be confused with a Light Pen which is obviously mightier than the Light Sword (Sabre or Saber) but less mighty than the Light Gun.

Also known as multigym, airportable RA. Other regt's and corps don't know the horror of a PT qualified SMIG in a sadistic mood.